Can't stop; won't stop

Things don't always go as planned...

We would've been coming back from St. Thomas today. That trip fell through, but hopefully the next trip will be all the more worth it.  A lot of gigs have had hiccups, setbacks, and full-on failures, but that's what it takes to grow.  You have to learn from your mistakes, start from the bottom, and put in the time to make something of nothing. Mike has been constantly improving his editing skills all while playing soccer at UT. I'll say it again. Mike is a savage.  Work ethic can't be taught and it makes all the difference. I've improved a lot on my photography with the trusty steed Mr. 7DII. I'm glad I kept it even after upgrading to the Sony A7S II.  Next week I fly back to NJ.  Expect some really cool content soon, especially if it snows! 


// Matt