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It all started in the summer of 2014.  Brothers Matt and Michael Cobuzio shot a small action edit on a GoPro at Lavallette beach in Southern New Jersey.  The video received some praise from family and friends.  In the following summer, the brothers and the Kramer Krew took the summer video to a bigger scale -- 60 hours of footage from 6 different countries & 32+ hours of editing cut into a 10 minute video which summed up an incredible summer.  This video received much more recognition and thus Slightly Above Average was born.  Currently, SAA is a social influencer on Instagram and YouTube.  The Krew creates short videos of thrill seeking adventures they go on.  "Leave average behind" is the message SAA wishes to spread.  This team is part of a movement: Forget the 9 to 5.  Find what you love, embrace your passions, and strive to make the world a better place by being the best you.  Your work can be the same as your leisure and entertainment, only if you want it enough.  

More than a movement, Slightly Above Average is a creative content agency that aims to engage people through stellar content to support brands in the quest to establish a highly unique and recognizable identity.  


Shots from the 'Shadow Dancer' music video for Jason Parris 

Shots from the 'Shadow Dancer' music video for Jason Parris 



We create and produce unique campaigns that tell real stories. After understanding your brand values, we conceptualize and execute a strategy to accomplish your goals. The final product that we create together will stand by your brand identity and leave a powerful impression on your target audience.



We produce branded content in the form of commercials, music videos, documentaries, and photography.  Through our creative ability we promise to construct content that captures audiences in a way that is truly memorable and stands out among the rest.  





Slightly Above Average Productions has a well-rounded and highly creative team of videographers, photographers, editors, and artists.  

MATT COBUZIO // Co-Founder 

Matt Cobuzio is an accomplished YouTube personality, avid drone photographer, highly experienced videographer, and a social media influencer.  He graduated from The Newhouse School of Public Communications & The School of Information Studies with a dual degree from Syracuse University.  Matt had been creating content on YouTube since 2009.  With over 700,000 subscribers and 130+ million views, he has garnered an audience for both his creative ability and unique personality.  On his main YouTube channel, he goes by the name 'mcsportzhawk' which mainly covers video games and mobile games. 

Since finding success as a content creator on YouTube, Matt has gone on to explore other passions of his.  In late 2015, Cobuzio joined forces with his brother Michael Cobuzio to form Slightly Above Average Productions -- a small team of visionaries who specialize in videography and photography.  Through this venture, Cobuzio has been able to utilize his skills with aerial cinematics to produce stunning shots and creative campaigns for clients.  


MICHAEL COBUZIO // co-founder 

Michael Cobuzio is a Sophomore at The University of Tampa studying Film & Media Arts.  He is exceptionally creative and well versed in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.  Michael is a student-athlete playing Soccer at UT.  As a Freshman, he found a passion for videography by filming his teammates with GoPros. Since then, Michael has gone on to shoot gigs for musicians, sororities, and fitness companies.